Graphic Design starts with listening to you, the client. It is our job to take the message and the images you want to convey to your customer and turn them into a printed or digital piece that fulfills that need. Graphic Design is sometimes a problem solving event. Often you have alot to say about your business, but you struggle in reaching your audience. We can take that information and distill it clearly and beautifully to create appealing materials that inspire your audience and turn them into customers.

A part of graphic design is branding. Branding your business goes beyond just a logo and begins to encompass the overall product that is you or your company.  This would include things like colors, fonts, slogans, messaging, photography, video, persona, etc. Your brand is your first impression. It is your constant spokesperson.


All of these things are so important to define before building sites, making printable materials, or selling products.  If you do not know who you are and are unable to define yourself visually then imagine how much harder it is for a client to easily form an opinion of you! Different colors can present you as warm and inviting or cold and serious. Creative messaging can present you as customer-focused or give a different impression altogether. And all of this should be conceptualized and implemented in the branding process.


Take this website that we built for Oliveira Construction. Mr. Oliveira wanted the site to have a warmth to it like a wooden floor gives to a home. We chose darker browns and orange as an accent color to make the website inviting and giving it a classy warm look. The focus of the main image is on the cherry wood floor. The accent boxes have lighter wood floors to give it a contrast so they show better against the darker background. We are also showing his clients on the homepage that he is able to install all types of flooring.


Website that is found at

Websites, E-Commerce and Graphic Design

Having a solid brand that conveys a consistent, strong, and clearly stated message is of the utmost importance.

"Precise Website and it's staff are FANTASTIC. My company needed the "WOW" factor and they delivered. I'm pretty sure these guys don't even sleep. They took our product line and gave them a description of the Brand Image we were looking for! Even though we had no idea what that image looked like, from start to finish my business partner and I couldn't be more thrilled with their hard work, and results."

B. Wilmoth

Vice President

BV Technology LLC

DragonTail Firearm Cleaning Product Line


Note: Most of the images used on this entire website were created by Precise Website.

Bottle labels created for Sneaky Pete Outdoors. As always, fitting everything the client wanted on the label while making it easily readable was challenging. The client was very pleased.

Showboards designed by Precise Website

The image on the right is the insert card that was created by Precise Website to go into the packaging of a Bore Cleaner made by BV Technology. We also created the logo.

These images were created for Veterans Heating & Air. Instead of just having a Service Agreement, the client wanted to create something that was both fun and functional. He told us he wanted to call it the Hot & Cold Club. From there, we created the logo and the branding of the name. Adding the tag line gave it enough detail so the message was clear.


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Websites, E-Commerce and Graphic Design

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